Issue Campaigns

NGP builds power with Georgians around the state to create policy and community practice changes on issues important to our communities. We organize Georgians in small towns and big cities, on college campuses and at the club, and everywhere in between fighting for more affordable housing, better access to healthcare, expanded maternal care for Black mamas, marijuana reform, environmental justice, and more.

Check out our organizing areas and issue campaigns below and come throw down with us to create a more equitable and just future in the Peach State!



Georgia Ignite

Georgia Ignite

Georgia Ignite aims to activate a network of grassroots, self-starting organizers and activists in communities across Georgia. The GA Ignite team will work with folks in local communities to provide support, training, guidance, and assistance on how to develop and execute your very own […]


Ga Home

Georgia Home

GA Home builds power with Black and Brown renters in Georgia to advocate for more affordable housing in our state. Rising housing and rent costs, increased gentrification, and lack of investment in affordable housing by developers and our state and local government make it […]


Black and Green Agenda

Black and Green Agenda

Black and Green Agenda (BGA) organizes for a clean and healthy environment and just economy, especially for people of color living in rural areas. BGA aims to connect with those who are aligned with our mission of being better stewards of the […]


Nurture Georgia

Nurture Georgia

Nurture GA organizes Georgians in support of affordable, high-quality childcare for all Georgia families. Paying for childcare has become out of reach for too many Georgians, while childcare workers suffer, getting paid too little for the critical services they provide. Nurture GA aims to […]


Georgia Raise

Georgia Raise

GARaise focuses on bringing systemic financial relief and equity to Georgians disproportionately affected by unfair economic policies and practices. Our efforts center around higher wages, increased unionization in the workplace, and worker’s rights.

With questions and for more info, contact Klaire Gumbs, Lead Organizer, at […]


Georgia Cares

Georgia Cares

GACares organizes for access to affordable, high-quality healthcare for all who live in Georgia. Impending hospital closures, lack of access to primary care, and absence of ambulatory services have made healthcare out of reach for too many Georgians, especially Black and rural folks. GACares […]


Georgia Peanut Gallery

Georgia Peanut Gallery

The Georgia Peanut Gallery is a non-partisan county board of elections (BOE) monitoring program focused on observing and reporting on the elections activities and decisions made in all of the 159 counties in Georgia. Fun fact: in Georgia, the County Board of Elections […]


Reproductive Justice for NGP

Reproductive Justice

Reproductive Justice organizes with local communities around bodily autonomy and ensuring ample and equitable access to reproductive healthcare and services, including abortion and birth care. The four pillars of reproductive justice include:

  • The right to bodily autonomy
  • The right to have children
  • The right […]

Agenda for Young Georgians

Agenda For Young Georgians

Agenda for Young Georgians (AYG) organizes Georgians between the ages of 13-29 to represent the voting and policy needs of Georgia’s youth, and ensure that young Georgians are registered, engaged, informed, and have an activist home. AYG organizes students across the state […]



VIBE (Voting Initiative and Brother’s Engagement)

Voting Initiative and Brothers Engagement (VIBE) is focused on building power with and for Black men in Georgia by organizing them around the issues they care about to increase their civic and community participation. We catch brothers at our […]