Project Description

Black and Green Agenda

New Georgia Project Black and Green Agenda is a statewide campaign that aims to enable underserved communities by educating, training, and empowering them in Environmental Justice issues facing their Georgia neighborhoods.

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Black and Green Agenda Campaign Goals center around:

  • Partnering and promoting green initiatives and policies that provide equitable resources to underserved communities state-wide. 

  • Building partnerships that are essential and highlight the interconnectedness amongst businesses, organizations, residents, stakeholders, children, and neighborhood institutions that are commonly negatively affected by environmental disparities.

  • A right to clean air, uncontaminated land, drinkable water, safe housing, and a complete stop to the overuse of our natural resources.

Join our efforts toward lowering utility costs and ultimately energy burdens in the state of Georgia. If you’d like to be a more involved activist, please contact us.

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