Georgia Home

GA Home builds power with Black and Brown renters in Georgia to advocate for more affordable housing in our state. Rising housing and rent costs, increased gentrification, and lack of investment in affordable housing by developers and our state and local government make it too hard for Black and Brown Georgians to afford housing, especially in Metro Atlanta. GA Home believes that affordable housing is a human right, and a house is more than just a place—it’s a home.

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Stop Tha Squeeze

The Stop Tha Squeeze Campaign organizes Black and Brown renters to resist being squeezed out of affordable housing options through rent control and tenants’ rights advocacy. Corporate investors and predatory landlords are buying up all of the affordable housing, especially in Metro Atlanta, and then tripling the rent, making it impossible for too many folks to comfortably afford rent.

  • None of the 13 counties that make up Metro Atlanta qualify as an affordable housing market.
  • Georgia has a preemptive statewide law preventing any city or county from passing rent control policies.

Stop Tha Squeeze works to end the continued redlining of Black and Brown Georgians. The right to affordable housing not only means having access to a home now. It also means keeping communities together.


  • Tenant and Landlord Protection: We advocate for fair and equitable rights for both tenants and landlords.

  • Support for Rent Control Measures: We advocate for sustainable solutions for affordable housing and city rent control measures.

Take Action

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