Georgia Counties Board of Elections Report Cards

Georgia voters – especially Black voters – are constantly facing attacks on our right to vote, and so many of those attacks happen at the county level. We launched the Peanut Gallery, a state-wide volunteer operation that keeps all 159 Georgia county boards of elections accountable to their voters’ needs and concerns at the ballot box.

A county’s board of elections (BOE) oversees the administration of elections in their county. From voter challenges to polling place closures to election deniers, the county BOE is often where attacks on our right to vote happen most frequently.

Want to know how well your county BOE is doing? The Peanut Gallery’s BOE report card has everything you need. We evaluated the responsiveness, transparency, and willingness to protect voters’ rights of all 159 county BOEs in Georgia and gave them a grade based on how they are doing. Is your county passing, failing, or somewhere in between? Check it out below!

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Georgia CountyGradeHas WebsiteMeeting Announcements Publicly PostedProvides Meeting MinutesHas Open Mic for Public CommentChanged # of Polling Locations (2020-2022)Reduction in Early Voting TimeAbsentee Ballot Rejection Rate Higher than Avg. Statewide Rate
Appling DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Atkinson CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Bacon FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Baker FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Baldwin FYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Banks CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Barrow DYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Bartow DYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Ben Hill CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Berrien CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Macon-Bibb AYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Bleckley DYesNo NoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Brantley FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Brooks DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Bryan BYesYesNoYes1+ LocationNoNo
Bulloch AYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Burke CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Butts DYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Calhoun FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Camden CYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Candler CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Carroll CYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Catoosa FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Charlton FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Chatham CYesYesYesYes-3 LocationsNoYes
Chattahoochee FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Chattooga FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Cherokee BYesYesNoYes2+ LocationsNoNo
Athens-Clarke BYesYesYesYes4+ LocationsNoYes
Clay FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Clayton AYesYesYesYes4+ LocationsNoNo
Clinch DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Cobb BYesYesYesNo2+ LocationsNoNo
Coffee DYesYesNoNoNo DecreaseNoNo
Colquitt FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Columbia CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Cook DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Coweta DYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Crawford DYesYesNoNoNo DecreaseNoNo
Crisp DYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Dade FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Dawson FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Decatur FYesYesNoYes-1 LocationNoYes
Dekalb CYesYesYesNo3+ LocationsNoYes
Dodge DNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Dooly DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
DoughertyDYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Douglas DYesYesYesNoNo DecreaseNoYes
Early FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Echols FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Effingham FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Elbert DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Emanuel FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Evans DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Fannin CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Fayette DYesYesYesNoNo DecreaseNoYes
Floyd BYesYesYesYes-2 LocationsNoNo
Forsyth FYesYesYesNo-7 Locationsone location open full 3 weeks (down from 7)No
FranklinDYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Fulton CYesYesYesNo3+ LocationsNoYes
Gilmer DYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Glascock DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Glynn FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Gordon CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Grady DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Greene AYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Gwinnett CYesYesYesNoNo DecreaseNoNo
Habersham BYesYesYesYes-2 LocationsNoNo
Hall AYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Hancock CYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Haralson DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Harris DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Hart DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Heard DYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Henry AYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Houston BYesNoYesYes1+ LocationNoNo
Irwin FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Jackson AYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Jasper DYesNo NoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Jeff Davis FYesNo NoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Jefferson CYesYes NoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Jenkins DYesYes NoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Johnson DYesNo NoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Jones DYesNo NoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Lamar DYesNo NoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Lanier DYesYes NoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Laurens DYesNo NoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Lee CYesYes Yes YesNo DecreaseNoYes
Liberty CYesNo Yes Yes-2 LocationsNoNo
Lincoln CYesYes NoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Long FYesNo NoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Lowndes FYesNo NoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Lumpkin CYesYes NoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Macon DYesNo NoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Madison FYesNo NoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Marion DYesNo NoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
McDuffie DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
McIntosh FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Meriwether FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Miller DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Mitchell CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Monroe CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Montgomery AYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Morgan FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Murray DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Muscogee CYesYesNoYes-1 LocationNoNo
Newton CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Oconee AYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Oglethorpe CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Paulding FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Peach DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Pickens CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Pierce DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Pike DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Polk CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Pulaski CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Putnam CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
QuitmanCYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Rabun DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Randolph DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Richmond CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Rockdale FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Schley CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Screven DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Seminole DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Spalding CYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Stephens DYesYesNoNoNo DecreaseNoNo
Stewart DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Sumter DYesYesYesNoNo DecreaseNoYes
Talbot AYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Taliaferro FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Tattnall FYesNoNoYes-1 LocationNoYes
Taylor DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Telfair DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Terrell CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Thomas CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Tift FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Toombs DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Towns FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Treutlen FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Troup AYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Turner FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Twiggs CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Union CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Upson FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Walker DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Walton DYesYesNoYes1+ LocationNoYes
Ware CYesYesYesYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Warren DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Washington FYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Wayne DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Webster DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Wheeler FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
White CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Whitfield DYesNoYesYesNo DecreaseNoYes
Wilcox DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Wilkes DYesNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Wilkinson CYesYesNoYesNo DecreaseNoNo
Worth FNoNoNoYesNo DecreaseNoYes

County BOE grades are based on points awarded across seven categories indicating how responsive counties are to voters in their communities. For each category, the county can be awarded up to 14.3 points for a total of 100 points. NGP collected and assessed information from the 2020, 2022, and 2023 election cycles to award (or deduct) points in each category to determine each county’s grade. 90-100 = A; 80-90 = B; 70-80 = C; 60-70 = D; 50-60 = F.