Our 2024 Electoral Plan

Voter Registration
Expanding our democracy by registering Georgians to vote.

NGP’s voter registration (VR) team is out in these streets every day registering Georgians to vote wherever they are – at their homes, at the grocery store, at community events, and more. Helping Georgians register to vote is the first step in expanding our democracy. Once voters register with us, they are then in our pipeline to follow up, engage them, and mobilize them to the polls.

  • Since 2020, NGP has helped more than 112,000 Georgians register to vote.
  • On average, 80% of the Georgians we register are Black and 50% are under the age of 25.

2024 Voter Registration Plans

2024 is a critical election, and we are going all out to make sure Georgians are registered to vote. Working out of our multiple field offices around Georgia, we will:

  • Help an additional 50,000 Georgians register to vote.
  • Partner with high schools and colleges around the state to register 10,000 young people.
  • Launch our Justice Impacted Voter Engagement (JIVE) program to register formerly incarcerated Georgians and ensure the voting rights of Georgians currently detained in county jails.

To partner with our VR program or bring VR canvassers to your community, school, or campus, please email [email protected]. To register to vote, click here.

Our Voters
Mobilizing Georgians to the polls has never been more important.

Our Voters

Moving Georgians to pledge to vote or make a plan to vote is a critical step to moving them to turn out. Need proof? In 2022, voters who pledged to vote with us turned out at a rate of 2.5 percentage points higher than voters who did not. That’s why, in 2024, we’re expanding and activating NGP’s Our Voters base – the more 230,000 Georgians who have made a pledge or plan to vote with NGP.

  1. Engage Georgians via phone, text, and in-person.
  2. Move them to pledge or make a plan to vote.
  3. Expand NGP’s Our Voters base.
  4. Follow up to make sure they make it to the polls.

Are you a Georgia voter? Click here to make your plan to vote in 2024!

Thank you, Georgia! Campaign
Because Black Georgians voted, we are seeing changes in our communities.

In 2020, 2021, and 2022, Black Georgia voters flexed our power when we showed up to the polls to vote. Since then, we’ve seen the impact our vote can have – tons of policy wins that are bringing resources and investments to our communities. NGP is saying Thank you, Georgia! Because YOU showed up to vote, we are seeing real changes.

  • More Money in Our Pockets with the American Rescue Plan

    • $1,400 stimulus checks
    • Child tax credits
    • Extended unemployment benefits
  • Health, Safety, & Connectivity with the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

    • Improved roads and bridges
    • Expanded broadband internet access
    • No more lead pipes for cleaner drinking water
  • Jobs, Environment, & Healthcare with the Inflation Reduction Act

    • Hundreds of thousands of new, good-paying jobs
    • Billions of dollars in clean energy investments
    • Lower prescription drug costs for Medicare patients and seniors

We got all of these wins and long-term investments into our community because of us – because we showed up to vote. That’s how powerful we are when we go to the polls.

The best part: we get to do it again in 2024. When we vote in 2024, we can win more policies and more investments for our friends, fam, and communities.