Georgia Raise is a organizing program of New Georgia Project.

Georgia Raise

GARaise focuses on bringing systemic financial relief and equity to Georgians disproportionately affected by unfair economic policies and practices. Our efforts center around higher wages, increased unionization in the workplace, and worker’s rights.

With questions and for more info, contact Klaire Gumbs, Lead Organizer, at [email protected] and Christian Miranda, Associate Organizer, at [email protected]

Nah, We Want $20 Campaign

The Nah, We Want $20 Campaign seeks to increase Georgia’s minimum wage to $20/hour. The current minimum wage is an outrageous $5.15/hour, which isn't even enough for a round trip on a MARTA train.

  • Our research shows that 67% of registered Georgia voters support raising the minimum wage to at least $15/hour, including 96% of Black registered Georgia voters.
  • Black Georgians we talk to regularly list the high cost of living as one of their top concerns.

Increasing the minimum wage would give Georgians more financial freedom to afford rent, groceries, childcare, and other daily costs, while also helping to build intergenerational wealth for Black and brown families.


  • We demand the minimum wage of Georgia be increased to $20/hr from $5.15.

Take Action

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