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NGP submits 221,897 voter applications!

NGP submits 107,000 voter applications!

Faces of Georgia: Summer's Story

“I want to be the change that happens in my community. As a film major, I hear and see a lot of people’s stories. Let me break the barriers for future generations by making my vote matter.” - Summer Robinson, Atlanta

NGP registers voters at the Many Rivers Festival

Harry Belafonte's family welcomes the New Georgia Project team

Harry Belafonte's daughter welcomes the New Georgia Project team

Tthe New Georgia Project registered voters at the Many Rivers to Cross Festival! The celebration featured a diverse lineup of over 30 artists across 3 stages, including T.I., Common, John Legend, Macklemore, Chris Rock, Estelle, Carlos Santana & Dave Matthews. Our team registered voters in the three concert venues and managed a booth in the social justice village.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports: "As they gathered, volunteers from The New Georgia Project walked around stopping anyone who looked at least 18 years old to make sure they were registered to vote."

The New Georgia Project is committed to making sure every eligible Georgian registers and votes! Thank you Belafonte family and Sankofa for the opportunity!

New Georgia Project volunteers ready to register voters

New Georgia Project staff training volunteers to register voters

New Georgia Project volunteer registering voters

NGP submits 100,000 voter applications!

The New Georgia Project successfully submitted over 100,000 voter applications! Thank you Georgia!

Faces of Georgia: Tsegaye's Story

“It is very important to vote! Especially to most of us immigrants who came here and changed our citizenship. As a new American, there are a lot of privileges like voting. But, we don’t exercise that right for the most part. I think it’s probably because there is a lack of communication in educating our communities. A lot of immigrants came from places where we were tortured and/or wrongfully put in jail by our own government, so we have that fear. What’s the benefit of being a citizen if you don’t understand your rights?” - Bskinder Tsegaye (Alex), Clarkston, GA

Faces of Georgia: Luke's Story

"Thank you GA for vetoing the LGBT discrimination act. Within the same month I signed my lease, my civil rights & acting career was on the line. This law would have been devastating to me, my entertainment career, the LGBT community and the state. I got interested in Georgia politics because this bill captured my attention. The Act would have affected many parts of my life. Voting matters to ensure laws like this never happen." -Luke, 24

Faces of Georgia: Erika's Story

"As a military brat, I traveled a lot and experienced diverse peoples, cultures and economic statuses. I am committed to work as an attorney because I am committed to the advancement of all people but most importantly, the disadvantaged people. I am cognizant of the fact that laws affect everyone, whether you’re conscious of it or not. They govern how we operate in our communities, nation, and world. We have to elect people who will legislate laws in an unbiased manner. It is important that every person thrives, especially in a nation of plenty." - Erika, 32

Faces of Georgia: Zaquarius' Story

"I was born and raised here in Georgia. My entire family is from here. I just registered to vote today because I think it’s very important to have your voice heard. If we do not vote, we can’t make a difference. We will continue down the same destructive path. Voting is just one of the few outlets we have to make a difference. We don't have many, so we should at least exhaust the ones we have. I want my community to be more aware of what's going on around them. I am a photographer so I started taking pictures at the protest that's going on in Atlanta right now. I did this so that I could post pictures for my social media followers and maybe that will make them get involved in the protests as well. I just want my community to be more involved in what's going on in the world today." - Zaquarius, 22

Faces of Georgia: Derrick's Story

"I am a registered voter in Tallahassee, Florida. I just moved up here. I am definitely registering to vote in Georgia and voting this year. I can't complain about issues that are going on in the world if I don't vote. If I don't vote locally, I cannot complain about the potholes in the street. And if I don't vote for the president, I can't complain about national politics or the state government. The first time I voted was with my high school class for the presidential election in 2008. After the election, we got the opportunity to attend the inauguration for Barack Obama. It was freezing cold out there, but I had a wonderful time and I wouldn't change it for the world. I hope to get people of African descent to understand that you're a taxpayer and you have a voice just because you pay taxes. A lot of our complaints can be solved just by voting the right people in office. Our voices are bigger than what we think they are. A lot of times we say our vote doesn't matter, but there are a lot of cases where if we vote just a little bit, we can make a big change.” -Derrick, 25

Faces of Georgia: Autumn's Story

“I will for sure vote this year. My grandmother was really heavy on the civil rights movement. Our people fought for us to vote; it is so disrespectful for us not to do so, because our ancestors walked, marched, died, and did anything in their power to give us the right to do so.” - Autumn L. Price, Atlanta, GA

National Voter Registration Month: Let’s Be Ready

September brings college football, a hint of cooler weather (emphasis on “hint”) and a reminder to register to vote. During this month that recognizes the importance of voter registration, make sure that you are ready to cast your ballot in this year’s election.

Unsure of your registration status? Let us help. Reach out at info@newgeorgiaproject.org and share your question. The voter registration deadline is October 11.

Already registered to vote? Great! Here is are a few reminders:

  • Know how you will vote
  • Absentee, Early or on Election Day.
  • Learn your polling location.
  • Tell your friends and family.
  • Be a voting ambassador and make sure your friends and family are registered before the deadline. (Contact info@newgeorgiaproject.org if we can help)
  • Early voting begins October 17 and runs through November 4.
  • Election Day is Tuesday, November 8.

Want to do more? Even better! The New Georgia Project has volunteer opportunities that may be a fit for you. Contact us at (404) 996-6621 or info@newgeorgiaproject.org to learn more.

Happy Voting Rights Act 51st Anniversary!

July 2016 Update

As of July 25th 2016, the New Georgia Project successfully submitted over 68,000 voter registration applications!

Faces of Georgia

Each voter has their own personal story – why voting is important, where you registered and how you share it with family and friends. Though individual and unique, voting testimonies provide a bond between each Georgia voter. The New Georgia Project believes in those stories.

Welcome to the Faces of Georgia, a new initiative capturing and highlighting the personal stories of Georgia voters. The New Georgia Project’s social media channels and this website will continue showcasing Georgians and their personal connection to voting, so join the journey. Follow, like and check-back for new stories. This week’s Faces of Georgia spotlight:

“What drives me to vote is ensuring that the voices at the base level of the community and all the constituents are being heard at the top levels as well. It's about putting people in power who are responsive to the people inside their community. There are a lot of single issues that we could speak about. If the voices that are focused around those issues aren't being heard by the officials that are making the decisions to drive the community forward, then nothing is going to change. People have to keep in mind, to not only care about the larger elections, but the local ones as well.” - Shaquan McDowell

Click here to read more Faces of Georgia stories.

New Georgia Project: What We Do

The New Georgia Project registers, engages, and advocates for Georgia's voters. Check out our latest video!

June 2016 News

The New Georgia Project has been working hard this summer. With June coming to an end, we are excited to share our progress: 34,000 applications! .

From Atlanta to Valdosta, Savannah to Columbus, our team is working to register voters across the state. The New Georgia Project works to build power with underserved and underrepresented families and communities.

As of June 15th, 2016, the New Georgia Project is proud to register 34,301 applications!


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