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Can you believe that we are just 3 days away from Election Day? I can relate to the late Nipsey Hussle when he said that anything worth having and remembering takes a Marathon and not a sprint. Our voter registration and advocacy efforts have definitely been a marathon-worthy effort across all of Georgia’s 159 counties. So…Pardon me while I take a minute to humbly brag on behalf of the dope and hard-working team here at the New Georgia Project (NGP), because we have registered over 50,000 Georgians since January. We refused to let a global pandemic, civil unrest and several attempts at voter (and cultural) suppression stop us. But we turned our disappointment and frustration into power to push us through—to touch Georgians who needed to know their voices matter and that those voices need to be heard through their votes.

Georgia leads the nation with a 34% increase in voter registration, and I’m confident that NGP’s efforts were instrumental in both this increase and pushing Georgia’s early voting numbers to over 1.5 million. This is already more than a 150% increase compared to the entire early voting period in 2016. We as a state and people are making history! Thank you to everyone of our dedicated staff, volunteers, donors and supporters. None of this—and I mean absolutely none of it—is possible without you!

Listen, there is still work to do and donned in our NGP-branded “Eat. Sleep. Organize. Vote. Repeat.” hoodies, “Sock the Vote” socks and PPE, we will be in these streets heavy as we cross the finish line on Election Day. We are offering free rides to the polls in the metro Atlanta area and in the cities of Macon, Augusta, Savannah and Albany. Please, please, please spread the word about this free shuttle service. Give us a call at 1-800-874-1541 to secure your ride. Scheduled rides will include PPE, temperature checks and sanitizer.

You know at NGP we are organizers at the core and lovers of all things “culture,” which is why I’m super geeked about our 12-hour, live-streamed “Twitch the Vote” event. Set for Election Day, Nov. 3, this unmatched event will include live gaming, election coverage, celebrity performances, guest hosts and more. Sign up here.

Want to help NGP but don’t know where to start?

  • Volunteer to be an NGP Poll Monitor: If you care about protecting our communities and voters, come join us on Nov. 3 by poll monitoring and Election Protection. Poll monitors are the people who ensure the integrity of Georgians’ voting experiences, they’re our eyes and ears on the ground letting us know about long lines, machine outages, issues and voter intimidation of any kind. Learn more and sign up for your shift today by visiting this link.
  • Donate PPE: We still have an urgent need for personal protective equipment for our poll monitors and really need your support. Please visit this link for ways to give.
  • Download the NGP App: Before you head to the polls, download our info packed NGP app. This is “civic technology” right at your fingertips! Not only will you be able to learn about all the candidates that you’ll see on your ballot, but you’ll be able to interface live with the NGP team, report polling issues and help us hold state leaders accountable and protect our voters. Download today!

Friends, I really hope that you can feel my energy, because it’s “Go Time!” The next time we chat it up in the CEO Connection we will be on the other side of this election, and one thing I do know is that despite the election results we as a people, organization and protectors of our Democracy made history and did all that we could.

Until then, stay safe, aware, involved and contact NGP for anything!


Published On: November 23, 2020Categories: Blog, News

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