Reproductive Justice

Reproductive Justice organizes with local communities around bodily autonomy and ensuring ample and equitable access to reproductive healthcare and services, including abortion and birth care. The four pillars of reproductive justice include:

  • The right to bodily autonomy
  • The right to have children
  • The right to not have children
  • The right to parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities

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Black M.A.M.A.S Campaign

Black M.A.M.AS stands for Meaningful Action for Maternal Advocacy and Safety. We organize around birth justice in Georgia, specifically better reproductive and birthing care for Black women and birthing people.

  • Georgia has the second highest maternal mortality rate in the country, making it extremely dangerous to give birth here, especially now with a six-week abortion ban in place.
  • Black women and birthing people die in childbirth at more than twice the rate as white women and birthing people in Georgia.
  • More than half of Georgia’s counties do not have an OBGYN.

Having access to affordable, comprehensive prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum care alone with birthing support workers such as doulas or midwives, significantly improves birthing outcomes for both the parent and child. It’s time Georgia put more financial and institutional muscle behind these holistic services.


  • Recognition and acknowledge of the maternal mortality crisis in Georgia by local lawmakers.
  • Establishment of municipal funds to improve maternal healthcare at a local level based on community need, including—but not limited to—funds for doula training and doula reimbursements
  • Collaboration with local officials and healthcare systems to fund and pilot programs to overcome access barriers to maternal healthcare, including—but not limited to—rural transportation grants
  • State-level legislation to support maternal healthcare options, including—but not limited to—policies to license and regulate community midwives and Medicaid expansion to cover doula care.

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