Peanut Gallery is a organizing program of New Georgia Project.

Georgia Peanut Gallery

The Georgia Peanut Gallery is a non-partisan county board of elections (BOE) monitoring program focused on observing and reporting on the elections activities and decisions made in all of the 159 counties in Georgia. Fun fact: in Georgia, the County Board of Elections (BOE) and/or Registration oversees elections in their county. With 159 counties, that’s a lot of decisions and updates to keep track of at the local level. But don’t worry: the Peanut Gallery’s got Georgia covered.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

The Peanut Gallery currently covers 106 of Georgia’s 159 counties (purple) with a goal to expand to 17 more (orange).

We make sure all Georgia voters know what’s going down at their county BOE and how those decisions impact voting in their county. If a polling place closes or a special election gets added, Georgians need to know. Our crew of Peanut Gallery volunteers monitor and report activities at local county boards of elections meetings to ensure that county officials are accountable to the people. We publish our BOE reports on our Peanut Gallery website and mobilize advocacy efforts designed to expand, promote, and protect our right to vote.

Get Involved:

Sign up to be a Peanut Gallery Volunteer, and help us:

  • Keep GA’s county BOEs accountable to voters by attending meetings and reporting critical elections updates.
  • Help Georgians navigate voter registration challenges that disproportionately impact Black, Brown, low-income, and young voters.
  • Protect Georgians’ right to vote through advocacy and rapid response mobilization.

When you volunteer with the Peanut Gallery, you help a voter cast their ballot safely, securely, and confidently. We organize for a more just, equitable Georgia in which elections are fair and accessible to all!