Agenda for Young Georgians is a organizing program of New Georgia Project.

Agenda For Young Georgians

Agenda for Young Georgians (AYG) organizes Georgians between the ages of 13-29 to represent the voting and policy needs of Georgia’s youth, and ensure that young Georgians are registered, engaged, informed, and have an activist home. AYG organizes students across the state on their college campuses, at their jobs, and even at the club to fight for the issues important to them and a greater future for Georgia.

With questions and for more info, contact us at [email protected].

C.L.E.A.R. Campaign

C.L.E.A.R. stands for Cancel Loans for Education and Reparations. The C.L.E.A.R. Campaign mobilizes young Georgians—particularly Black and brown young people—to advocate for the cancellation of all student loan debt.

  • Black borrowers taking on 85 percent more student loan debt than their white counterparts,
  • Four years after graduation, nearly half of Black students owe an average of six percent more than they borrowed.
  • 67% of Black registered voters in Georgia believe that student loan debt should be a priority because of its disproportionate impact on Black people

The Supreme Court struck down President Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness plan, but our fight is NOT over. Canceling student loan debt would decrease the racial wealth gap and help us secure the financial futures we were promised if we got a college education.


  • The cancelation of all student loan debt for all borrowers.

Take Action

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