Agenda for Young Georgians is a organizing program of New Georgia Project.

Agenda For Young Georgians

Agenda For Young Georgians (AYG) is a non-partisan campaign under New Georgia Project that focuses on civic engagement among individuals 13-29 years old. We emphasize community engagement, advocacy training, and youth-led programs to ensure that young people have a voice in our state's political process.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Get Involved


  • Register young voters

  • Provide leadership and organizing training opportunities for young folks

  • Have fun! We do political educations through social activities

  • Build relationships with administration and student leadership at high schools and colleges in Georgia

Why this is important to US:

Young Georgians ARE THE FUTURE OF GEORGIA. It is because of this that young adults deserve spaces where they can advocate for themselves, feel liberated, and be empowered to make change. AYG’s mission in the movement for liberation of ALL people lies in its ability to pave the way for young adults to have that space and freedom to do so, without having to feel judged based on age, race, identity, class, or social status and have fun while doing so.