“The vote is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have.” – John Lewis

We’re always looking to experiment and try new approaches to civic engagement. That’s why we’ve created “This is Not a Game.”

Every person in America deserves the right to speak for themselves, to vote for their best interests, and to help preserve our democracy. “This is not a game,” because voting is the most important action every American can take to ensure their future.

How to play: Help your hero overcome Mr. System and his plan to disenfranchise every voter he can! Match three or more game pieces that reflect the reality of areas where you, as a voter, either impact voter turnout or secure access to things like healthcare and social care.

“We LAUGH, we JOKE, but we do not PLAY when it comes to the work of educating, mobilizing and organizing with the New American Majority of young folks and people of color.” – Nse Ufot