The 2022 Georgia Campus Voting Challenge—a collaboration between the New Georgia Project and the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge — is a free, nonpartisan competition between higher education institutions who are committed to increasing student voter participation and engagement on campuses across the state.

How to join the Georgia Campus Voting Challenge

Any accredited, degree-granting, post-secondary, 2- or 4-year institution may join the Challenge. Just follow these instructions.

  1. Complete the online join form.
  2. Share your data from the National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE) generated by the Institute for Democracy & Higher Education at Tufts University.
  3. Convene a campus-wide voting coalition.
  4. Develop, share, and implement your democratic engagement action plan.
A woman attending a event with a fierce justice demand expression.

Informational Webinars

To learn more about how your campus can get involved, New Georgia Project and ALL IN will be hosting a virtual informational session on April 13 at 3 pm ET.

Award Categories

There are currently four award categories given to 2-year and 4-year institutions:

  1. Highest Voter Registration Rate Award
  2. Most Improved Voter Turnout Award
  3. Highest Voter Turnout Award
  4. Best Campus Democratic Engagement Action Plan Award

If you have questions, you can email Stephanie King at [email protected] or Ranada Robinson at [email protected].