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How do you follow a year like 2020? Easy. You remember that, for New Georgia Project (NGP), there’s no such thing as an “off year.” In 2021, we never slowed down. We expanded our base, helped lead the fight for voting rights, registered, engaged, and mobilized thousands of voters, organized on the issues important to our communities, and did it all through a data-informed and research-driven lens.

NGP is on a mission to build power and expand what is possible in our state. That work doesn’t happen only in high-profile election years, or only in Atlanta, or only by a handful of people. It happens because NGP is leading a state-wide, multi-racial, multi-generational, cross-class movement that works all year, every year.

That movement is people-powered.

I am proud to lead a staff of more than 300 organizers, activists, researchers, canvassers, strategists, and visionaries who are in the business of change-making and future-building. We are investing in and lifting up the inherent power in communities that have been ignored. Black Georgians, brown Georgians, young people, LGBTQ+ folks, rural Georgians and others who have the power to move our state forward.

We don’t need a seat at the table. We are setting our own places at a new table in a new Georgia and a new South. That table has a lot of chairs around it. Because to truly understand the story of our impact and our future, you have to know the folks that make it all possible. These are the people that power our movement.

Thank you for being one of them,

Nsé Ufot

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Billy Honor

Organizing Director

I organize with NGP because it puts me in direct contact with communities I care about and gives me a path to making those communities better. I was in ministry for a long time and my congregants helped me realize that I needed to do more than preach. Since then, I’ve been helping people find ways to confront big challenges with big collective action. NGP’s organizing team is the power-building division of the organization. We focus on issues that folks can organize around – like student debt cancellation, raising Georgia’s minimum wage, and reducing the cost of utilities – and provide a clear agenda that voters can take to the polls. We help folks understand that you can use your vote as a tool for change on the issues, not just the candidates.

Organizing on the Issues

At our core, we are organizers. That means that we build deep relationships, listen to and center the needs of our communities, and follow their lead to develop the solutions they want to see. The Georgians we work with every day are some of the most important people who power our movement. Our 11 organizing initiatives provide an entry point for folks to get engaged on the issues they care about like environmental justice, economic security, access to healthcare, and reproductive justice. We also build power with specific communities, including young people, faith communities, seniors, and Black men.

In 2021, our organizing team focused on meeting people where they are, expanding our base, and getting folks involved. In short, we out here

A few of our 2021 accomplishments

  • GACares engaged Metro Atlanta residents to get 5,003 petition signatures in support of healthcare access and Medicaid expansion.
  • VIBE – NPG’s Voting Initiative and Brothers Engagement – moved 1,120 Black men to pledge to vote.
  • Agenda for Young Georgians helped more than 200 young people register to vote at 10 Clayton County high schools.
  • Our COVID-19 Vaccine Navigator program talked with 3,823 Georgians about the importance of getting vaccinated.

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Protecting the Right to Vote

Georgians kicked off 2021 by sending two new U.S. Senators to Washington. But our celebration was cut short as we witnessed a swift backlash in direct response to our growing power. White supremacists staged a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, and, a few weeks later, local elected leaders in Georgia passed and signed SB 202 – a new voter suppression law. They came for us, but we are always ready.

Aklima Khondoker

Chief Legal Officer

I work to protect the freedom to vote to uphold the promises that this country has made to children of immigrants, like me. The work I’m proud to help lead ensures that more people can equitably and fairly access the ballot because our rights are realized through our vote. We make sure that our staff, Georgia voters, even local Boards of Elections understand the legal minefield we are in under SB 202, so Georgians can vote without fear and our elections officials can administer elections without incident. I also join my colleagues out in the streets, providing support at polling places on Election Day and rallying for federal voting rights protections. In every facet of our work, we show our grit, perseverance, and our resolve for a more inclusive and representative democracy.

SB 202 Restrictions

  • Adds new requirements for absentee voting
  • Limits dropbox availability
  • Reduces early voting hours
  • Creates five new voting crimes
  • Allows for partisan takeovers of local elections boards

We immediately launched our Freedom to Vote Campaign, which pressured Georgia-based corporations to publicly support voting rights. We led the charge on educating the public about important federal voting rights protections that would increase ballot accessibility in Georgia and across the nation. We even went to Charleston, WV and Raleigh, NC with our friends at Black Voters Matter on their Freedom Ride for Voting Rights Bus Tour because our fight to protect the right to vote does not end at Georgia’s borders.

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Ranada D. Robinson

Research Director

Growing up in Jackson, MS with pro-Black and pro-community parents motivated me to honor and give back to those who came before me. NGP is on the cutting edge of reaching folks who more traditional groups do not focus on. My work is strategic. We have to know what will motivate voters to take action and then incorporate that into our targeting, our messaging – everything – for our work to be effective. Last year, the Analyst Institute awarded us their Walk the Talk Award for our 2021 research and that further validated the power and impact of our work. We are always looking forward, asking questions before it’s time to know the answers, so we can always make strategic decisions to get our people up and out.

Research and Data Analysis

Our rigorous research agenda provides the foundation for everything we do – from where we reach voters, to what we say to them, and how we say it. Our data-informed approach means we know Georgians.

Last year, we conducted focus groups, polling, and surveys to better understand Black Georgians’ views on local and municipal elections. What did we find? Black voters overwhelmingly agree that voting in local elections is one of the most effective ways to make change in their
communities – but they needed more information.

“A lot of times, I’m just not as aware of local elections and local politicians and stuff. So, I haven’t researched them and there’s not as much information being thrown at you with the media or anything about local people.”

-Black man living in suburban Georgia

These findings directly informed our 2021 voter outreach messaging in our “Local Elections Matter” ad campaign targeting Georgia voters on Facebook, YouTube, and other online platforms. The ads connected voting in local elections to issues our communities care about – education, healthcare, criminal legal reform, and more.

Our “Local Elections Matter” ad:

  • Outperformed industry standards
  • Got 47,000+ clicks to NGP’s elections landing page
  • Had 4.7 million impressions

we are


Lisa Granum

Savannah Team Lead & Canvasser

Canvassing is about looking at the conditions of my life, caring about the conditions of someone else’s life, and wanting both to improve. I get to meet people where they are, look at them, talk to them, and, hopefully, get them excited about voting. Getting down to the very basic things people care about instantly motivates them. It’s pointing out a pothole, or talking about their kid’s school, or asking, “what do you want Savannah to look like in the next year, two years, 10 years?” I’m 55 years old and when I was younger, I didn’t think I needed to vote, so sometimes it feels like I’m talking to myself. I think about what motivated me – surviving cancer twice, wanting to improve my community – and that helps me connect with folks on what they’re dealing with and want to change. I tell folks, you have to start healthy habits now and voting is one of the best habits you can have.

Voter Registration, Education, and Mobilization

In November 2021, Georgians turned out to vote in more than 1,600 local and municipal elections. NGP worked all year to register, educate, and mobilize voters to make sure they had what they needed to make their voices heard. We work across the state from all seven of our field offices to make sure we are everywhere.

For Election Day, we knocked on 325,578 doors and made 59,562 phone calls

We helped 26,623 Georgians register to vote:


Black or African American

Under the Age of 35

During the runoff, we knocked on 157,912 doors and made 33,374 phone calls

Our efforts contributed to Georgians turning out to elect first-time, truly representative leadership who will fight for the policy changes their communities need to build a better future for themselves and their families. From Warner Robins residents electing LaRhonda Patrick, their first Black woman mayor, to khalid kamau, a young, queer activist becoming the second mayor of the city of South Fulton, Georgians elected candidates that reflect their communities and our collective vision for a new Georgia.

we can't stop

won't stop

The NGP community is made up of thousands of people – the people that keep our movement strong. That includes you. We each bring our unique talents and contributions to create something bigger than ourselves, something that has already changed what’s possible in Georgia and the Deep South. With your continued partnership, the Georgia of our dreams can become a reality.

Thank you for being one of the people that powers our movement.

What’s Next in 2022?

The 2022 election cycle has already begun and NGP never stopped moving. This year we’re going bigger and bolder than ever before and we bring that can’t stop, won’t stop energy to everything we do.

We have huge goals to reach and, thanks to your support, we were able to kick off our 2022 civic engagement work early making sure we have the people, presence, and power needed to continue making history in our state.

Francys Johnson

NGP Board Chair

Since its inception, NGP has been a power building organization focused on improving the lives of Georgians and we do not mince words about our purpose. I serve as NGP’s Board Chair because I believe in that purpose. We have built our organization to mirror our state and its future. Our leadership looks like the Black women we trust. Our staff is made up of young, talented, open-minded individuals who are on the cutting edge of our movement and who stay busy 365 days a year. We believe in the people of Georgia – it’s just that fundamental. The best thing for Georgia and the best thing for America is tomorrow. Future generations will know NGP visited every city, knocked on every door, and turned over every rock to win the day for our democracy and move Georgia, and our country, forward.

2022 Goals

  • Open 13 new field offices
  • Help 55,000 Georgians register to vote
  • Knock 700,000 doors
  • Recruit 2,500 activists
  • Launch our VoPro and Vote Defenders program
  • Turn out 150,000 new voters