Voices for a Healthy Georgia

Voices for a Healthy Georgia (VHG) is a campaign within New Georgia Project Action Fund (NGPAF) that aims to establish, support, and sustain relationships between health systems, medical providers, and most importantly the residents they serve within the West Central/Southwestern GA regions that are beneficial for both parties, not just those in positions of authority and specialization.

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VHG’s Current Objectives:

  • We will develop a health-focused leadership cohort that will support communities within West Central/Southwestern GA in training the next generation of health advocates through hands-on, project-based learning, 

  • We will have equitable representation within campaign and cohort from urban and rural communities of color within the West Central/Southwestern regions, 

  • We will identify communities’ needs in addressing barriers that impede their access to high quality and affordable healthcare and provide direct action to mitigate gaps within existent systems, 

  • We will identify funding resources to ensure VHG implements a financially sustainable cohort program, 

  • We will have identified cyclical objectives (cohort) and long-term objectives (VHG + NGP) as applicable and have annual portfolios/reports on cohort and campaign projects, and 

  • We will continue to grow relationships in the West Central/Southwestern GA regions and build a base of locally engaged healthcare advocates. 

Our campaign listens to lived experiences of all ages and abilities. We believe in place-based solutions along with local/state advocacy around policies that affect our communities’ quality of life. We act to ensure that communities in West Central/Southwestern GA, which continue to be negatively impacted by health inequities and health disparities, can pursue justice-focused remedies to systemically unjust healthcare systems and build up the next generation of health advocates – where they live; pulling up seats to the table, even when none are offered.

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