VoPro Program

VoPro is New Georgia Project’s nonpartisan, election protection program dedicated to ensuring and promoting equitable and accessible elections year-round for all Georgians.

Georgia’s primary elections are on May 24th, and we are recruiting hundreds of VoPro Site Monitors and Vote Defenders to join our VoPro squad. Interested in helping out? Fill out the form to the right or email us at [email protected]

NGP’s VoPro Program includes:

  • Poll Monitoring: We monitor election day activities and respond to issues that may prevent Georgians from voting.
  • Voter Education: We educate and inform voters about election changes and ways to effectively cast their ballot.
  • Vote Defenders: We provide specialized training to lawyers on election law and voting rights to build a network of attorneys ready to defend voters against voter suppression. (No prior experience with election law is necessary!)

Protecting the right to vote is fundamental to our democracy. Become a VoPro volunteer today!