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We have to #FinishTheFight, here are some key dates for the January runoff! We know the holidays are coming up but we have the whole world watching what we do in Georgia. Georgia decides how the next few years of American politics will go. Take note and show up at the polls


Rides to Polls

Schedule your free ride to poll anywhere in the state at 1-800-871-1541

Questions about Voting?

We got you! Call our Election Protection Hotline 1-888-910-1368

*Each county has different dates and times for Early Voting, please use the Find Your Polling Place button below to confirm the dates and times in your county


Election Day

Tuesday, January 5, 2021


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Drop off Your Absentee Ballot

*Your ballot must be received by 7pm on Tuesday, January 5th, so we strongly recommend you put your ballot in one of these official dropboxes no later than Monday, January 4, 2021!
Tuesday, January 5, 2021


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