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Georgia CARE Voters

Being able to afford care for a child, sick relative or aging parent is a pertinent issue for countless Georgians. NGP has vowed to bring care to the forefront of the political arena with campaigns designed to highlight the fact that most Georgians value access to affordable childcare, healthcare, and long term/elder care and want our public policies and politics to reflect that fact.

This fall, the Georgia CARE Agenda is focused on the following:

  • Raising our Voices - Register Voters - New Georgia Project is a non-profit, voter registration organization focused on engaging new voters - and voter registration is at the core of the work we do. We conduct specific voter registration and GOTV efforts at childcare centers to engage parents and other caregivers. Through registering these voters, we can also identify CARE voters for whom affordable childcare, health care, and/or elder care is a priority.
  • Engage the Community - Canvass and Phone Bank CARE Voters - NGP wants to hear from the community how these issues of CARE affect the lives of all Georgians. We do this by talking to people one-on-one at their doors in our canvass efforts and engaging them on the phone via phone bank efforts.
  • Build a Coalition - Collect Surveys, Tell Your Story - Through our efforts and outreach, NGP is building a community of people and families who identify as CARE Voters. The work is about more than just getting out the vote. This work will gather collective solutions from real people, who help and need help, and translate into powerful, grassroots policy solutions.
  • Future Action - Attend Coalition Meetings, Share Our Stories with Elected Officials - Once CARE voters know what we want, this group will come together to talk to decision makers around change. As a coalition, decision makers will have to hear from us!

The New Georgia Project is recruiting volunteers and partner organizations to help with these efforts. Please email yeme@newgeorgiaproject.org for more information.

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