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Glow Vote 2018

New Georgia Project Action Fund (NGP-AF), in collaboration with Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) Action, are working to mobilize 100 Black women and allies to Georgia to help bolster Stacey Abrams through the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary.

Running from Tuesday May 15th - Tuesday May 22nd, our canvass program will contact 20,000 voters in Atlanta and Augusta, both before the earlier voting period ends on May 18th and during the traditional get out the vote period prior to election day on May 22nd. Coined “Glow Vote” this is a nationwide call to secure victory for Stacey Abrams and puts us a step closer to electing a candidate that embodies the values-based vision we believe will inspire voters.

When elected, Stacey Abrams will become the first Black woman to serve as Governor in the country. The phrase “Trust Black Women” has become a part of the political lexicon due to the progressive voting patterns displayed over past election cycles, we also embrace the phrase “Elect Black Women.” Abrams is a founder of New Georgia Project and a long-time organizer, activist and progressive with deep roots in the state of Georgia.

The endorsement for Abrams is a momentous first national endorsement for the CPD Action network, as we prepare to weigh in on dozens of key federal, state and local races across the country. With our endorsement of Abrams, we are asserting our commitment to supporting progressive women of color at the forefront of a multi-racial populist movement on track to win big in 2018.

For more information contact
Nse Ufot: nse@newgeorgiaproject.org
Tracey Corder: tcorder@populardemocracy.org

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