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Faces of Georgia

Each voter has their own personal story – why voting is important, where you registered and how you share it with family and friends. Though individual and unique, voting testimonies provide a bond between each Georgia voter. The New Georgia Project believes in those stories.

Welcome to the Faces of Georgia, a new initiative capturing and highlighting the personal stories of Georgia voters. The New Georgia Project’s social media channels and this website will continue showcasing Georgians and their personal connection to voting, so join the journey. Follow, like and check-back for new stories. This week’s Faces of Georgia spotlight:

“What drives me to vote is ensuring that the voices at the base level of the community and all the constituents are being heard at the top levels as well. It's about putting people in power who are responsive to the people inside their community. There are a lot of single issues that we could speak about. If the voices that are focused around those issues aren't being heard by the officials that are making the decisions to drive the community forward, then nothing is going to change. People have to keep in mind, to not only care about the larger elections, but the local ones as well.” - Shaquan McDowell

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