Georgia Voter Protection

The State of Georgia is notorious for decreasing voter access and suppressing votes. According to a report by the Brennan Center for Justice, Georgia is one of nine states with a history of racial discrimination that is aggressively removing registered voters from their voter rolls. In Georgia, 156 out of 159 counties reported an increase in removal rates after the Voting Rights Act was changed by a United States Supreme Court ruling in 2013.

NGP is fighting for every voter, in every election. We do this at the State Capitol, in the courts, and on the ground in Georgia’s most vulnerable communities. NGP is also committed to keeping polls open and registering citizens who have had their rights restored.

This fall, Georgia Voter Protection is focused on the following:

  • Fighting for voting access - NGP just won a major battle to keep polling stations open in Randolph County, GA. The Randolph County Board of Elections was poised to close 7 out of 9 voter precincts in the heart of Georgia’s Black Belt. NGP and our partners fought this flagrant voter suppression by mobilizing hundreds of supporters and canvassars, collecting enough local signatures to stop the closing. We anticipate this is just the beginning of the fight for voting access leading up to the November elections.
  • Ensuring voting access - NGP uses every means possible to protect voting rights for Georgia’s citizens. NGP and it’s voting rights allies have sent a demand letter to SOS Kemp asking Georgia to cease its illegal "No Match, No Vote" protocol that capriciously strips citizens of their voting rights. Next step? Court.
  • Voting rights restored - Many people who have been convicted of a felony, done your time, paid your time and completed probation and/or parole, do not know their voting rights have been automatically restored. NGP is here to raise awareness and ensure people register to vote. We partner with the ACLU, Georgia State Law School, and to ensure rights are recognized. Click here to hear about the work we do in this area.


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