Joy Johnson

Lead Organizer - Augusta

Why do you to this work?

I do this work because there are so many people in my community who are unaware of the issues surrounding them. People in Augusta do not know who the people are running for office, or position they are running for. They not know about upcoming elections or how it could change their lives. It is really sad for me to watch this happening in my own home. I feel obligated to help and to be there for my people. To let them know that voting is powerful and that they do have a voice, regardless of the area that they live in, or the job that they have, or their status.

How has this work changed you?

This work has humbled me greatly. When I first started, I only expected to register people. I was not expecting to see people smiling and crying because we came into their neighborhoods and asked them to register and to be a part of making changes. So many people my age and who I went to school with were not registered. Helping them to register and get involved is amazing. It was also very humbling to meet and register people who live at the Salvation Army who thought they couldn't register to vote. I never thought that I would get so much out of registering people to vote. Something that seems so simple to me means the world to people that I come across.

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?

It would have to be my Nana. My Nana passed a year ago, and life has not been the same. She was my best friend, and having one more dinner with her would make my dreams come true. I know she would proud of me if she was here. I would prepare her favorite meal and wine. I wouldn't waste any time talking about unimportant things, I would simply let her know that I love her.

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